Pumpkin pancake

Pumpkin pancake
Pumpkin pancake

Serves 2



60g pumpkin 

3 tbsp instant/rolled oats 

1 egg 



  1. Steam pumpkin for 20-25 minutes.  
  2. Mash the pumpkin (skin on) into puree. 
  3. Add the egg into mashed up pumpkin. 
  4. Blend the instant/rolled oats in a blender.  
  5. Add into the egg and pumpkin mixture.  
  6. Add olive oil on heated pan, use a spatula to pour the batter on the pan, flip it after approximately 5 mins.  
  7. Repeat process until batter is all used up 


Tip: Top with nuts and seasonal fruits for extra flavour!   


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